The Journey of a Creation

The Journey of a Creation

Bringing your bespoke jewellery item to life


First stage

You complete and send our bespoke jewellery design request with as much information as possible, photos, sketches or a drawing, so that Nathalie, our creative designer can clearly see the style you're looking for and craft your vision. 

At this initial stage, we will exchange and discuss in order to fully capture your expectations to ensure they fit your budget and our capabilities. The aim is to come up with a basic concept and a rough estimate for your project, we can do this in our studio or via the phone and email (or even Skype).


Second stage

It is only when your specifications and our estimate are validated on both sides that Nathalie will start designing your commissioned piece using 3D jewellery engineering.

We will submit a detailed design proposal as well as an accurate quote within 8 working days. The quote includes the total price of the piece (with its ornaments, measurements and craftsmanship) as well as the cost of the design minus the possible deposit.

This second stage will enable you to realistically visualise your future bespoke jewellery item and eventually ask for any tweaks or improvements you might judge necessary.


Etape 1
Etape 2
Etape 3
Etape 4


Third stage

Yes, we shall proceed!

The proposed design meets your expectations perfectly. When we have received the signed order form and your electronic transfer, we can start production.

Yes, but...

We proceed, but with some modifications, in which case a new estimate may be issued, if necessary. Once the design has been approved, we will ask you to make an electronic transfer for the total cost as stated in the latest quote, before starting production.

No thanks.

No, for whatever reason, you would rather not go ahead this time. Please note that if you want to maintain the exclusivity of the design, you can purchase the complete 3D file to enable you to materialize your project with the help of your own jeweller. Otherwise, Cameleor will reserve the right to integrate the design into our Variations: a selection of customizable jewellery items.


Fourth stage

Gemstones are often part of a jewellery piece and may even be paramount. Their colour, their luminosity, their depth and their forms are aspects which also have to be considered. We work with a reliable diamond merchant and skilled dealers who offer excellent quality stones in different sizes and shapes. You can also supply your own gem(s) or pearl(s) that you would like to have mounted as part of your project with Cameleor.

Choix de la pierre et des perles


Fifth stage

The design of your piece is sent to the printer. It is printed in three dimensions using thin layers of wax. At this stage your piece of jewellery is brought to life! 

Then, for the most ambitious projects, the piece is first cast in silver to enable final adjustments. Otherwise the final raw casting can be done directly in the precious metal alloy you have chosen (18k yellow, white or pink gold, 950 platinum, sterling silver, etc).

Impression du modèle à la cire et en fonte


Sixth step

Our craftsman jeweller will finish the piece in his workshop in accordance with your instructions and with the greatest care and precision. He will solder, emery and polish it and give it the desired finish (high mirror, satin polish, brushed, hammered, etc).

Les dernières finitions

Stone Setting

Seventh stage

The setter is the craftsperson who specialises in setting the stones onto a metal mount. Together with your designer, they choose the right setting type depending on which aspects of the piece are to be highlighted: bead settings, claw settings, box settings, channel settings, etc.

Le sertissage

Letter & CASE

Eighth stage

A letter illustrating the different stages of manufacture will be given to you with the finished piece of jewellery. To be sure of meeting your requirements in every way, you can also ask us to personalise this letter with a short message.

La bague dans son écrin accompagné du livre


Last stage

The time from receipt of payment for your piece of jewellery to its delivery, is approximately 45 days. The shipping costs may vary depending on the distance (from Brussels). By default, we choose registered post with signed proof of delivery and a tracking number. Naturally, we will consider other delivery options, such as collection in person, insurance cover, express delivery, etc.

La bague finie et livrée

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