Jewellery designer

Jewellery designer

Nathalie Mattheeuws

Jewellery Designer

With a love of all things beautiful, especially jewellery, Nathalie Mattheeuws began her degree in jewellery at the Brussels School of Arts and Crafts in 1998.

A jewellery designer since 2000, exclusively in 3D since 2011, she uses two advanced CAD softwares, one for classic jewellery and the other for organic shapes. With this combination, Nathalie can create any shape in 3D. Fascinated by gems of all colours and often inspired by nature, she elected the champion of adaptation as the icon for her activity and launched Cameleor in 2009 to offer her bespoke design services to customers who desire unique and extraordinary jewellery around the world.

Like the chameleon, her great strength is her ability to truly adapt to the desires and universe of her customers.

Nathalie Mattheeuws - Jewelry Designer - Landscape

My Values

Freedom nurtured by Nature

"My first value is to be fully attentive to the person who shares with me such a valuable and intimate project like a dream jewellery item.

My second value is to be free to be able to create. That is to say that I protect myself from multiple influences that may interfere with my availability that I want complete for my clients project.

When I search for a shape, my mind flies away ... and it lands on shapes and textures found in Nature through my walks, my travels or my readings. Thanks to that freedom nurtured by what it foraged, my creativity then bounces back on the object to bring to life."


From bespoke to limited edition jewellery

Exclusive bespoke jewellery items; created alongside our customers and thus truly unique.

Custom jewellery which we can adapt to your preferences and your budget.

Or the limited edition jewellery pieces that reflect the creative world of our designer...


Cameleor will accompany you through the whole process, from the initial inspiration to the final piece. Cameleor also provides 3D jewellery designs for professional jewelers upon request.

You can visit Cameleor's design studio in Brussels, but we provide our online services and ship our jewellery items internationally.


Attentive & Reliable

Cameleor is committed to:

Listen to you, so as to best understand your desires.

Guarantee the highest quality in the manufacturing process and ensure the collaboration of top professionals.

Create a piece that meets the most exacting standards in artisan jewellery, with our speciality being our ability to genuinely offer a bespoke service and the option to truly personalize your jewellery.

Offer you a fair price depending on the design, the metal, the stones and the craftsmanship.

Guarantee to deliver on time.

Provide you with a personalized service and total flexibility regarding your needs and wishes.


Experts & Professionals

The quality craftsmanship and the expertise involved in creating the perfect piece of jewellery can be found within our team and network.

To meet your expectations, Cameleor is indeed responsible for coordinating a network of carefully selected, skilled professionals; all of whom have the same dedication to quality and high standards.

Our printer, jeweler, diamond merchant, gem dealer, and stone setter are all located in Belgium or in France.


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