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Bespoke jewellery

Particularly well tuned for exclusive creations

In order to develop a relationship of trust, we will have several discussions, firstly through our design request form, then through emails, photos and even telephone or Skype conversations which will be required for Nathalie, the designer, to soak up your wishes and understand your tastes and expectations ... If you like, a personal meeting with Nathalie can be arranged at her design studio in Brussels.

We will take the time to properly understand your style and identify what you really want! Your jewellery, created with Cameleor, is unique because you are!

An infinity of creative universes

In our studio workshop in Brussels, Belgium, we create all forms of commission jewellery work. From classical to more contemporary, from geometric and refined shapes, to the most intricate and organic ones.

Mastery of advanced CAD software for jewellery allows us to provide you with a hyper-realistic 3D rendering within just a few days. You will see right away if our designer is on the right track and can even submit any requests for changes before the production of you piece starts.

Cameleor adapts to your universe and style. We will do our best to understand your needs and make your dream jewellery pieces come to life!

A fair price

The price of a commission item depends on the complexity of the design and of the crafting, but also on the choice and weight of the precious metal and ornamental features. Obviously, we do not have a shop nor a stock of goods since the items are exclusively made to order, but one must also take into account the fact that the cost of development and prototype, although reasonable, is fully reflected on an exclusive jewellery item!

To give you an idea, a bespoke piece of jewellery created with Cameleor is positioned above mass produced lines of jewellery but very often rivals, in terms of quality and price, major luxury brands and designers. Ultimately, real luxury is within your reach because your custom jewellery resembles no other!

Would you like to create your own tailor-made jewellery?
Send us your request without delay!


A simple desire, an inspired gift idea, a hint, or else a very precise and documented project, a request for re-creation, restoration or transformation ...

There are so many possible starting points to contemplate a creative jewellery project with Cameleor!

A dream, a vague idea...

You would like jewellery for that special occasion.
You dream of offering a truly unique and different piece of jewellery and you have devoted time to collecting examples to serve as inspiration for our designer.
You have a gemstone and want to incorporate it into a piece of jewellery ...

Send us your ideas and describe as precisely as possible the details that you wish to be considered. You can view the piece and request changes to your exclusive design before it becomes reality!

A clear idea...

You can imagine your own jewellery item, our designer will accompany you to its fulfillment, thanks to her skills with CAD for jewellery and through her network of skilled craftsmen.

Whether you have a specific idea for a unique piece of jewellery that makes a statement about who you are or you are tempted to see your design using our "Designed by ME" solution, you will be given photos and a detailed sketch.

A lost jewellery to re-create...

You have lost a piece of jewellery which you were very attached to and it is no longer made, but you have vivid memories or have found a picture of the piece being worn? In the case of a pair of earrings, you have an incomplete pair. Or a piece of jewellery that you are fond of was not designed for daily use and has deteriorated over time?

Our designer will study your project to re-create the lost or damaged jewellery so that it can delight you again.

A family heirloom to restore...

You want to restore an item of jewellery which you hold dear but it is too old or out of date? Cameleor will help you to evaluate its restoration or transformation. Wherever possible, gold and stones are recovered and reintegrated into the piece of jewellery that will be reborn from its own ashes to restore an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.

An ornament to enhance...

You have a precious stone or pearl and you want to display to its best advantage? Our experienced designer is there to advise you and help you to compose your exclusive precious piece. Based on your ornament and the inspirational conversations you have together, Nathalie will draw a three-dimensional image of your future treasured item so that you can fully appreciate it before it is produced.

 And you what is your starting point?

Tell us about your project and send us your request.