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The Sands of Râ & The Sands of Isis

Indulge yourself in our first collection, "The Sands", which explores the textures of dunes exposed to desert winds. Stylish jewellery whose clean lines evoke the ancient gods of Egypt. Whether a sunrise over the dunes for the Sands of Râ, or stylized wings for the Sands of Isis, this solid silver jewellery of the highest quality is sometimes accented with gold.

The pendants can be matched to a snake chain in gold or solid silver, or a necklace made up of multiple silver or gold-plated steel wires.

The sands of Râ

Snake or massif 18k - 42cm - 1,8mm + pendentif = 1265€
Pendentif seul = 149€
The Sands of Râ Pendant & Snake Gold 18k - 1.635€
The Sands of Râ - Silver Set - 399€
The Sands of Râ - Silver Set - 540€
Pendentif seul = 180€
Collier snake argent + pendentif = 240€
The Sands of Râ Pendant & Silver Snake - 240€

An original collection created by our Designer and skillfully handcrafted.
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the Sands of Isis

The Sands of Isis - pendant & Silver Snake - 325€
The Sands of Isis - pendant & Silver Snake - 325€
The Sands of Isis - Pendant alone - 245€
The Sands of Isis - Pendant alone - 245€
Isis Art Deco BW


The designer's perspective

« It was an enormous pleasure for me to be able to set my ideas free and design my first collection which is a tribute to traditional methods of jewellery making.

I wanted to create clean lined, geometric pendants and earrings which made the most of the simple disk shape that I love so much. I wanted to have the texture of sand ripples in the desert, evoking the idea of sunrise over the dunes, or the shape of the goddess Isis holding the solar disk...their lines remind me of classic Art Deco style which was often inspired by ancient Egyptian art.»

Nathalie Mattheeuws - Cameleor Designer