Yellow Gold and Tourmalines Brooch – Gerbe de blé

Yellow Gold & Tourmalines Brooch

Gerbe de blé

The creation

The designer's perpective

A golden green tourmalines harvesting clamped in a frame that ends in a spiral.


As I like to organize it when possible, I could immerse myself in Christiane's world and tastes during my visit of her apartment. Her interior demonstrated a taste for contemporary art; she displayed some pieces I could sometimes qualify as fantastic or even unlikely as she chose a strict and elegant dressing style.

My client provided a huge amount of yellow green tourmalines that she wanted to integrate in this bespoke brooch project. The tourmalines as well as the impressions received during my visit guided me towards this stylized drawing of a sheaf of wheat with richly crimped strands like so many grains. I also designed a stricter framework that ends up embracing the wheat sheaf forming an elegant spiral.

As often, the 3D drawing won her full approval, I was thus able to achieve this ambitious yellow gold pin project without modification.

A remplacer
Yellow Gold Tourmaline Brooch creation
Yellow green tourmalines
Wheat Sheafs


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