Ring White Gold Pink Tourmaline and Brilliant – Beauty Rose

White gold, Pink Tourmaline & Diamonds Ring

Beauty Rose

The creation

What the designer thinks

This client's request was highly specific, and was based on a photo of a ring that she particularly liked.


It was my gem broker who recommended to this client, a passionate jewellery enthusiast, to make use of Cameleor's design services.
My job was therefore to suggest some refinements and to add a personal touch, based on what my client's personality suggested me. The first design that was submitted following our pleasant, constructive discussions, was modified slightly to meet her expectations and her budget perfectly.

We chose the name "Beauty Rose" for this impressive white gold ring, set with a pink tourmaline gem and paved with brilliant cut diamonds.

A remplacer
Beauty Rose 02-003
Bague Beauty Rose Brut de fonte


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