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  • Important: An automatic confirmation is sent to you within seconds of correctly completing the form. If you do not receive anything, please check your spam filter or refill the form and make sure your email address is correct.
  • Following the first exchanges, we will confirm if your project is realistic and achievable by providing a free rough estimate. Once we agree to design an exclusive 3D drawing and elaborate a precise and detailed quotation, we are committed to provide significant work on your project. Thank you to take this into account. Our detailed quote once completed and signed can serve as an order form.
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    In order to understand the styles that appeal to you and those to avoid, it is essential to send us some examples that will inspire our designer. She can then refine her perception through exchanges by email or in person. Add one or more pictures (minimum 1 picture, maximum 6). Supported formats: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, gif. Weight: up to 4MB.
    Cameleor encourages all intentions: A bespoke creation will never be replicated while a "Designed by Me" piece of jewellery (if the conditions are right) may be presented in our Variations section putting you forward as the designer to potentially earn coupons for your next project or for your friends.
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