Cameleor, bijoux sur mesure


More than personalised jewellery, you expect a one-of-a-kind exclusive item made for you and with you?

Whether you prefer us to give life to what you have in mind or want to challenge our designer's inspiration, Cameleor offers you the possibility of a truly bespoke item. A piece like no other, created especially for you, is made using 3D technology with exclusivity and high quality in mind.

Is there any finer luxury?

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Our Icons

A selection of customisable jewellery created by Cameleor

Why not let yourself be seduced by one of our customisable pieces? Cameleor presents you with a selection of original jewellery which can be tailored to meet your expectations perfectly. According to the stones or metal used, a price indication is clearly communicated for each variation.

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Original, timeless pieces which reflect the imagination of our designer.

Inspired by her current interests and desires, Cameleor's designer, Nathalie Mathheeuws, offers you her first limited edition collection. Pure lines, textured shapes, these pieces are the outcome of high quality craftsmanship. Here you will find elegant, geometric "talisman" pieces, which will stay with you forever.

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Freedom & Choice

Take your time, try out our different pieces at home, stress-free and at liberty. Cameleor is there to help you through every step of the creation of your piece of jewellery.

Wherever you get your creativity, any starting point or occasion can be used to treat others, or to treat yourself, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Fair & Transparent Prices

More than anything, Cameleor is a 3D design studio and jewellery brand which has chosen to develop itself principally online and, consequently, without a shop or stock.

We made this choice because we believe that a piece of jewellery, as well as being beautiful, unique and original, must be offered at a fair price in a completely transparent quote.

Attentiveness & Trust

Designing and creating a piece of jewellery to order shouldn't leave you jumping through hoops, but be a positive experience whose keywords are discussion and trust.

Cameleor takes the time to offer you the quality of its attentive service, creativity and mastery of the latest jeweller's tools to guarantee that your creative project is a success.

Tell us about your project and send us your request.